About MiBank

We provide an easy-to-use Digital Asset Management solution to store, manage and distribute digital assets and associated meta data with full control over who sees what. We can customise both the design and functionality to meet your exact workflow requirements or distribution needs.

Find the files you need, instantly

As your organisation grows it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of your digital assets. Staff come and go, files are often deleted or multiple people are holding different versions of the same file and there is no longer one master version of the file.

Your digital files are important assets that add tremendous value to your company and help you communicate to the market.

So take the next step now and future proof your digital assets with a centralised MiBank solution that is available 24/7 with managed access and easy to use functionality.

Simple and Easy

No matter whether you are a sales person, marketer, graphic designer, HR department, admin support or the managing director, you can access your logos, images, presentations, artwork and documents quickly and easily.

Store files of any type including images, video, audio, and document formats and find them using intuitive search functions.

You can store files of any size making it easy to distribute large files to colleagues, suppliers or customers.

With a design that matches your corporate branding all users will feel confident that they are using the correct version of any asset, formatted to their needs.

Control Access and Visibility

Varying levels of visibility are determined by the access rights given to each user. User groups can include people who are internal or external to the organisation, or based locally or overseas.

All users must log in to access the system. Your company can examine and approve all requests for access and in the process determine what user rights they are given.

Copyright protected material can be managed by restricting access to the assets and releasing them to authorised users only once they agree to your terms and conditions.

How MiBank can help you

Beautiful Design

Images and documents are displayed in an uncluttered, elegant layout, making it easy to see the files you have available.

Powerful Search

The powerful yet easy to use search function looks across multiple attributes to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Easy to Use

MiBank is cleverly designed to be so intuitive and easy to use you will wonder what you ever did without it.

Handles Multiple File Formats

Whether you want to store images, PDFs or anything else, MiBank can handle it with a preview for the most popular file formats.

Controlled Access

You can examine and approve all requests for access and in the process determine what user rights users are allowed.

Convenience of the Cloud

MiBank lives in the cloud which means it is available from any Internet connected device 24/7.

Cost Effective

No up front cost or capital outlay required, just a single monthly fee and you're up and running.

Integrates with your Workflow

The modular technology of MiBank means we can customise a workflow to suit your individual needs.

Single source of the truth

MiBank gives you a single source of digital assets that is constant and available regardless of staff changes over time.

Off-line Secure

Because it's in the cloud MiBank is a secure system that is offline from your business in case the unthinkable happens.

It couldn't be easier!

Simple Search Functions

Click on the buttons below to see how easy it is to find your digital assets in a MiBank system.
(Actual attributes are determined when you subscribe and set up your own MiBank)

Client Testimonial


We are delighted with our new Image Bank and would happily recommend the ‘Mibank’ Digital Asset Management solution to any company needing to share images and other digital files with multiple external parties. The MiBank people are great to deal with, quick to respond, patient, versatile and know how to simplify Digital Asset Management.

Gillian Richardson, Fisher & Paykel Appliances: Designer – Special Projects

100's of Happy Clients!

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Get started with orgainsing your digital assets now!

Easy to use and manage with on-site instructions.

  • Single Admin
  • Instant setup
  • Custom metadata fields
  • Plans start from 40 assets and 500Mb


An industry wide solution for both suppliers and retailer. Ideal for multiple companies operating in the same industry, where assets need to be shared with common trading partners.

  • Multiple admin users
  • Common industry specific metadata fields
  • Publish to common users


The ultimate in Digital Asset Managment with a custom design matching your branding and designed to integrate with your own work flow and specifications.

  • Multiple admin users
  • Custom branding
  • Custom workflow integration
  • Custom metadata fields
*Conditions apply